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Cheers… third times a charm

I was sitting at the diner this morning and I over heard a conversation that I had to listen too. I was quite irritated by the guy that sat behind me. I was looking thru the menu and I heard him talking to someone and I didn’t want to be rude and look back. He started off by saying how upset he was with his girlfriend. That they had gone out (didn’t say where probably a bar or a club because he sounded young) and that this other girl was hitting on him and has been for weeks before. She gave him his number and his girlfriend saw. Not only did she see them exchange numbers but she must have seen that this girl had texted him when they had got home from the bar/club. She flipped out, I don’t blame her. He was telling the person he was with how she was saying how disrespectful it was and how hurt she was. She was 100% right for being so upet. This moron then proceeded to say terrible things about her. So they must have fought about it for a few days. She must have left his sorry ass and thats why he was at the diner at 10 am on a snow day. So I looked back and he had to be around 22, 23. He was talking to a younger girl and Im guessing he was with his sister. He was saying that the girlfriend was saying “I feel like an idiot for even staying here with you, you don’t even have sex with me.” In the back of my mind I feel as if this wasn’t the first time. She knew what he was about. I listened to all his excuses. How she was always annoying him, and hasn’t been around because he was working so much. He said he didn’t have sex with her because she was a disgusting slob and wasn’t attracted to her. I wanted to turn around and just say you know she did the right thing by leaving your sorry ass, and your just mad because you got caught. He also was complaining about paying child support, and I am not sure if it was to her or another girl.

The reason I am writing this is because I recently had broken up with someone after 12 years on and off. I turned 30 a few weeks ago and decided I wasn’t going to live my life upset and i was determined to be happy. Lets just say it wasn’t a good relationship and I am sorry I dealt with it for so long. I guess since it was so recent and I am still heartbroken. Ive been hearing so many stories just like the one I heard at the diner. At work, from friends and over hearing others peoples stories of heartache. My parents have been married for 33 years and they have their fair share of fights but not disrespectful or hurtful in anyway. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them fight, bicker, yes and then laugh about it. It makes me so sad that people treat others this way and I feel as if its so hard to find someone I am compatible with. Ive been home and depressed and I’ve been watching a lot of Audrey Hepurn and Marilyn Monroe movies and it seems so simple and times have changed so much. Today things are more difficult then they are easy.










Eric has always known how to open the doors with style:)

He’s got the power of telekinesis. At least where opening doors is concerned. I wonder if that’s a vampire power (like flying), or an Eric-specific thing that comes from somewhere else. 

actually, in the last gif he’s opening the door with a kick :P

and i don’t think that telekinesis is a vampire thing - Niall could do it too

That’s what I was alluding to. ;) There’s a theory that Eric was part fairy before he was turned. Just wondering where the telekinetic things comes from. 

Because he is faery, faery, swimming in the ocean because he’s a water faery. Been saying it for years and won’t stop now, Eric is at least part water-faery, as was Godric, and he and Pam knew what Sookie was the minute she walked into his bar, but couldn’t say anything to her while she was still under Bill’s blood-spell, because they couldn’t risk Bill the Serial Rapist/Slaver finding out if he didn’t already know (that’s why Eric was so adamant about finding out precisely why Sophie-Anne sent Bill after her in the first place, to see if they knew).

And on a somewhat unrelated note, it’s hinky as shit that Bill gets faery-like powers after consuming Lilith’s blood, which has a lot of the same properties as faery blood (it makes vamps high as shit), and at this point we don’t even know what that blood really was, because if Lilith burned up in the sun as the show ‘showed’ us, how much blood could she have left behind and who would have gathered it, or was Lilith in the habit of leaving jugs of her blood laying around?  


Lilith had the power of telekinesis since Bill inherited it, so obviously it’s a vampire power. Probably all vamps who can fly can exercise it to some extent. That’s probably how they propel themselves thru the air. I don’t remember Niall exhibiting direct telekinesis powers. He manipulated his fairy light. Lilith also had the gift of prophecy, so she may have anticipated her own death and saved some of her blood for her followers. I think TB suggests that all magic ultimately comes from the same source, so all magical creatures have some powers in common. 

When Niall first came upon Jason in his old car, the passenger side door opened by itself. At least we didn’t see Niall move over to open it or any hint of his faerie light. Based on that, I think we are meant to assume that Niall does have some telekinetic ability.

I agree with you. Niall seemed to open that door with telekinesis:

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